NOTE: There are from my sketchbook during 10K Commotion (2002-2008) and they are really, REALLY RANDOM. 

I saved this part of my online sketchbook here to keep some cultural context; sketches from journals, boards, groups, and fandoms that were active during the 10K Commotion but don't exist anymore now.  Because that was a long time ago.  For online journaling, sketches are equal to, if not greater than, the value of 1000 words.   

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BTW, this still happens now, albeit with less frequency -- old habits have not yet died hard.  

If you also make, prompt and share sketches, feel free to say hi elsewhere online...

yukonmakoto online sketchbook archive - 2002-2008

yukonmakoto's online sketchbook during the 10K Commotion - 2002-2008